Looking for Richard

PACINO: Was ever woman
in this humour woo'd?

Was ever woman in this humour won?
I'll have her.
I'll have her.
But I will not keep her long.

He says he'll have her...
...but he will not keep her long.
HADGE: You're asking why he wants her?

Well, I think it's clear,
he's out to get this girl.

To take her...
...in her heart's extremest hate.
He's killed her husband
in the civil war.

Tears in her eyes!
And murdered her father-in-law.
The bleeding witness of my hatred by.
He's out to get her.
To win her!
I pour the helpless balm
of my poor eyes.

Her mourning is genuine
because she loved...

KIMBALL: She goes out on the street, and
is it an accident that she meets Richard...

...the man who killed this man
and her husband?

Is it not possible that if...?
Did she have any idea...

...that if she went out with a corpse...
...making stops...?
You don't like that?

Does anybody have a better thing
than Frederic on this?

You just said that we didn't
answer the question...

...that what was...
PACINO: Did that upset you?

No. Then what did you say?
You said you were gonna find
a scholar...

...who'd speak directly into the camera
and explain...

...what really happened
with Richard and Anne.

And I am telling you that
that is absolutely ridiculous.

You know more about Richard III...