Mary Reilly

- Areyou Mrs. Farraday?
- Who wants to know?

I have a letter
from Dr.Jekyll.

- HarryJekyll, eh?
- Areyou--

Yes, I'm Farraday.
Keepyourwool on. Come inside.

Dear old Harry.
Ever the good Samaritan.

Not required in
the House ofCommons, Sir Danvers?

I imagine they can rub along
without me this once, Mrs. Farraday.

And vice versa,
I shouldn't wonder.

Sir Danvers is one ofour most
prominent spokesmen on foreign affairs.

- Aren'tyou, Sir Danvers?
- You're too kind, Mrs. Farraday.

Got any questions
on any sort ofexotic customs...

Sir Danvers is your man.
Well, perhaps
I've been a bit hasty.

No, no. She's not even
an apprentice. Notyet.

Oh, pity.
- Mary!
- Yes?

I look forward to meeting you
in due course.

You rub along for as long
as you like, Sir Danvers.

Or as long as you can manage.
I'll say this for HarryJekyll:
He may ask for a few special services...

but he doesn't mind
paying top whack.

So I'm to say
your answer is yes?

My answer's always yes.
I have my obligations, tell him.
It'll take me a week to clear out
the present tenant, then anotherweek...

to make these alterations
he's asking for.