Mary Reilly

- Aren'tyou, Sir Danvers?
- You're too kind, Mrs. Farraday.

Got any questions
on any sort ofexotic customs...

Sir Danvers is your man.
Well, perhaps
I've been a bit hasty.

No, no. She's not even
an apprentice. Notyet.

Oh, pity.
- Mary!
- Yes?

I look forward to meeting you
in due course.

You rub along for as long
as you like, Sir Danvers.

Or as long as you can manage.
I'll say this for HarryJekyll:
He may ask for a few special services...

but he doesn't mind
paying top whack.

So I'm to say
your answer is yes?

My answer's always yes.
I have my obligations, tell him.
It'll take me a week to clear out
the present tenant, then anotherweek...

to make these alterations
he's asking for.

Then his assistant
can move in.

Can't say I've ever noticed him
in need ofany assistant.

She said yes, but she said
she needs two weeks to get it ready.

Hard on myyoung man.
No hardship to stay away
from that place.

He's robust enough, and he needs to live
within easy reach ofthe hospital.

- Where is he living at the moment?
- Why doyou ask?

No one in the house
has seen him.

He comes and goes during the night.
Now I think that will be all.