One Fine Day

No, no. Uh...
- Hola. La casa de la señora Lieberman.
- Rosa, listen.

- I need to find Mrs. Lieberman.
- OK.

OK. If I don't find her, I could lose my job.
If you don't understand, say "OK".
- OK.
- OK.

OK. Bye-bye. Gracias. Bye-bye.
Gimme that marble! It's my dad's!
Give it! It's my dad's marble.

Uh, no. Rosa?
Uh, no, Rosa...
No, no, don't hang up.
- Do you speak Spanish?
- What do you need?

OK, great. Her name is Rosa López.
Her boss is Elaine Lieberman.

I need to know where she is.
I'm Jack Taylor. I'm a reporter.

- ¿Señora López? Le habla Jesús Romero...
- Elaine's her boss.

- Say Elaine wants to speak to me very badly.
- No policía, sino guardia de seguridad.

- Aquí hay un señor que se llama Jack Kelly.
- Jack Taylor.

Jack Taylor. Dice que es reportero...
- So?
- So give it!

- Give it!
- No.

Hey, guys. Guys! What are you doin'?
- Guys, what are you doin'?
- Mr. Kelly? Mr. Kelly.

Señora López said Mrs. Lieberman is at the
Elizabeth Arden salon for her Spring Spa Day.

- Excellent.
- Dad!

What? You guys are being...
Oh, man.
- You're so stupid.
- Am not.

Are so. You ruined my dad's marble. He's not
gonna want it with your snot all over it.

Yes, I will. I'll just wash it off.
You'll be fine. The doctor's
just gonna pop it right out.

- How come you couldn't do it?
- It's a little nose, big marble.

But the doctor has this clamp thing that's
gonna come up and just yank it right out.

And you are gonna be fine. You just gotta
not worry about it and not think about it.

You gotta think about something else.
You gotta think about...

Hello, Sammy.