Qin song

Sir, we beg you.
Please eat.

If you don't, we may die.
Save our lives.
T ake a bite.

Whose idea was this?
He was hitting his head
on the wall...

biting people
and refusing f ood.

How long has he been
on hunger strike?

For three days.
He has even refused water.

You idiots!
I don't care how,
but make him eat.

I've sent men
to exhume the Y an king...

from his burial mound.
Your mother's remains
are there now.

They were buried with full honors.
You're devoted to her.
She nursed me.

So this is my gesture of respect.
after becoming king of Qin...

I sent f or you many times.
The Y an king said
if I needed you...

he'd send me your head.
I had to kill the chicken
to get the egg.

We've got some in!
Stay still...
or you'll be a deaf king.
Oops. I mean a deaf emperor.
Even an emperor
is powerless sometimes.