Qin song

They were buried with full honors.
You're devoted to her.
She nursed me.

So this is my gesture of respect.
after becoming king of Qin...

I sent f or you many times.
The Y an king said
if I needed you...

he'd send me your head.
I had to kill the chicken
to get the egg.

We've got some in!
Stay still...
or you'll be a deaf king.
Oops. I mean a deaf emperor.
Even an emperor
is powerless sometimes.

Is it that Gao Jianli again?
Let him die if he wants to.
That would be easy,
but I want him to live.

If he died,
I'd get all your attention.

You're as bad as he is.
Other side.
Other side.

If he dies,
and then you get married...

I'll be left
completely friendless.

I don't have
any friends, either.

You say he dabbles
at the qin.

"Dabble at the qin"?
I want to make him court composer.

You get the world
under your thumb.