Qin song

Just stop the slaughter.
But why did they write
that prophecy?

I wish you and your empire

Then you should kneel
bef ore me.

By my decree...
cease the executions.
The old Gao Jianli
no longer exists.

You are now
the Qin court composer...

with the status of a duke.
Not powerful enough.
Add 20 more drums.

Sir, there's not enough time.
You must.
The ceremony must be perf ect.

Sir, it's just a ritual.
I don't think
that's all my anthem is.

But the Qin anthem
has become a Y an song.

You're a hero
and highly refined.

You're even more refined.
That chime needs to be
filed down.

Y es, sir.
You and I are the same.
But you've saved
25,000 slaves' lives...

and you got promoted
to a high position.

- I pale by comparison.
- Again!

Starting with the drums!