Qin song

Bef ore you marry Y ueyang...
I want to hear you
call me brother.

Your Ma jesty.
Your promotion
has come to nothing...

and so has your Qin anthem.
But Ying Zheng knows
what you're about.

T rue.
His sword could land
on my neck anytime.

But I have a little dagger
up my sleeve...

because I know
what this court is about.

We bet with our lives
and are doomed.

But a little dagger
can kill, too.

Hasn't enough blood
been shed?

Do you think
becoming court composer...

has lessened the bloodshed?
You saved
25,000 Y an prisoners...

but they were killed
at the Great Wall...

because another stone
was f ound...

and on it were
the same etchings.

Your f orbearance
has been useless.

You are a meaningless
sacrificial pawn.