Why would this guy, these people--
Why would they--

Why would they ever let
my son go no matter what I do?

I mean, no matter what I do.
l mean, pay, don´t pay, comply,
tell him to go fuck himself.

Why would they give him back?
I mean, he´s a witness
any way you cut it.

lt´s all bullshit. lt´s all just--
just seven out of ten.

What are you saying?
All right.
Morlock Man gets his money,
l don´t think we´ll ever see Sean again.

That´s if he´s still alive
to begin with.

- Well, now...
- Tom?

are you talkin´ about not paying?
- No. No, we pay him.
- Now, wait a minute. Listen to me.

Morlock Man says the pick-up guy
will give me an address for Sean.

I get there, the guy
sticks a gun in my face.

I said, "You want the money? Now give me
the address. Where´s the address?"

You should have seen his face.
He had no, absolutely no idea
what I was talking about. None.

- Okay.
- This is not business to him.
This is very personal.

I tell you that everybody pays,
and we get back seven out of ten.

- lf we give him what he wants,
he will kill Sean.
- Tom, you gotta play the odds, man.

l´ve been doing this
for 18 years.

And if I were a betting man,
l would bet on the people who pay
every time out of the gate.

Did you bet on the ones
where you got back a corpse?

lf you want to see your child again...
you gotta help me with him.
- Stations!
- Mark it.