Kind of a private person,
you know.

To tell you the truth,
l never killed anybody before.

Havin´ a hard time with it.
Yeah, well, I´m sorry.
Uh, I´m glad you did
what you did.

But I´m sorry.
- Sit down, please.
- Thanks.

Uh, so, is it, uh--
is it Jimmy? James?

James´ll do.
- Can I ask you a personal question?
- Sure.

Why didn´t you pay the ransom?
Well, because I was dealing
with human garbage.

No contract would have been honoured,
not by them.

You know, the funny thing is,
l would have paid ten times as much...

if I had any sense that
they´d stick to the deal, but no.

- Really.
- Oh, yeah. Really.

The thing that really kills me
about that is the woman.

She´d been in this house five,
six times over the last year.
Nice. Pleasant. You know.

You just can´t, uh--
l-l don´t know how people
can walk around with that--

That cold-blooded, two-faced--
That bitch.
Well, uh, you know,
in fairness to the dead...

we´re all a little two-faced
in this day and age.

lt´s a survival mechanism. You kn--
You know what I´m saying?

I mean, you know, as a cop...
you should hear some of the stuff that´s
been thrown my way over the years.