Jesus Christ!
An innocent man on death row.
A killer still on the loose.

- Kenny, tell me I'm dreaming.
- You wanna go live?

- Not so fast. We don't have
anything concrete.
- You can't just sit on it.

I know!
That's why we need proof.

If I'm right about this,
I could save a man's life.

Do you know what that
could do for my book sales?

This is a mistake.
I shouldn't be here.

I want you to meet me right here
after class, okay, Sid?

All right.
Hey, I haven't seen Billy around.
Is he really pissed?

Oh, you mean after you
branded him the Candyman?

- No, his heart's broken. Ow!
- Stu!

Why are they doing this?
Are you kidding me?
Look at this place. It's like Christmas.

- Stupidity leak.
- Ow. Easy.

- Ow!
- Jesus, shit!

It's just me.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
You still think it's me.

No. No, I-I don't.
It's just...
somebody was there.

Billy, someone tried to kill me.
I know, I know. The cops said
I scared him away. It wasn't me, Sid.

I know. He called me again
last night at Tatum's house.

You see? It couldn't have
been me. I was in jail.

I'm so... sorry.
Please understand.

Understand what?
That I have a girlfriend
who would rather accuse me...

of being a psychopathic killer
than touch me?

You know that's not true.
- Then what is it?
- What... is it?

Billy, I was attacked
and nearly filleted last night!

I mean between us.
You haven't been
the same since...

- Since your mother died.
- Is your brain leaking?