- Ow!
- Jesus, shit!

It's just me.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
You still think it's me.

No. No, I-I don't.
It's just...
somebody was there.

Billy, someone tried to kill me.
I know, I know. The cops said
I scared him away. It wasn't me, Sid.

I know. He called me again
last night at Tatum's house.

You see? It couldn't have
been me. I was in jail.

I'm so... sorry.
Please understand.

Understand what?
That I have a girlfriend
who would rather accuse me...

of being a psychopathic killer
than touch me?

You know that's not true.
- Then what is it?
- What... is it?

Billy, I was attacked
and nearly filleted last night!

I mean between us.
You haven't been
the same since...

- Since your mother died.
- Is your brain leaking?

My mom was killed.
I can't believe you're bringing this up!

- It's been a year.
- Tomorrow! One year tomorrow.

I think it's time
you got over that.

When my mom left my dad,
I accepted it. That's the way it is.

She's not coming back.
Your parents split up.
This is not the same thing.

Your mom left town.
She's not lying in a coffin somewhere.

Okay, okay, I'm sorry.
It's a bad analogy.

It's just that...
I want my girlfriend back.
Billy, I am sorry
if my traumatized life...

is an inconvenience to you
and your perfect existence.

What? Wh...
Nobody said that. Sid!

You make me so sick!
Your entire havoc-inducing, thieving,
whoring generation disgusts me!

So, two of
your fellow students...

just savagely murdered...
and this is the way you show
your compassion and sensitivity, huh?