It goes further back, Sid.
There's been talk
about other men.

And you believe it.
Well, you can only hear
that Richard Gere gerbil story
so many times...

before you have to start
believing it.

Oh, I'm sorry.
Y-You know, if I was wrong
about Cotton Weary...

then... the killer's
still out there.

Don't go there, Sid.
You're starting to sound like some
Wes Carpenter flick or something.

Don't freak yourself, okay? We've got
a long night ahead of us. Okay?

Let's boogie.
It's alive!
- Henry...
- Oh, in the name of God,
now I know...

Excuse me, dude.
- Watch it, jerk.
- I'm sorry.

Jesus, this place
is packed tonight, man.

- We had a run
in the mass murder section.
- Comin' to my fiesta?

Yeah, I'm off early.
Curfew, you know.

What's that werewolf movie
with E.T.'s mom in it?

- "The Howling."
Horror. Straight ahead.
- Okay, thanks.

- Oh, now that's in poor taste.
- What?

If you were the only suspect
in a senseless bloodbath...

would you be standing
in the horror section?

What? It was just a misunderstanding.
He didn't do anything.

You're such a little lapdog.
- He's got "killer" printed
all over his forehead.
- Ohhh-kay!

Really? Well, why'd the cops
let him go, smart guy?

Obviously they don't
watch enough movies. This is
standard horror movie stuff.

- "Prom Night" revisited, man.
- Yeah? Why would he wanna
kill his own girlfriend?

There's always some stupid,
bullshit reason to kill your girlfriend.

- Oh?
- That's the beauty of it all: