Space Truckers

Yeah, they are my hogs
until I get paid for them

Jesus, look at that
Some piece of garbage
wrapped in human skin

Is trying to jack my load
You want to see me, Mr. Keller?
Yeah, I understand you just
graduated from space truck school

I need someone to
push a shipment of square hogs

To Little Chicago on Titan
Square pigs?
Isn't that John Canyon's load?
It's Inter Pork load
I fired Canyon yesterday
You got a feeling about that
one way or the other?

No, I barely know the guy
Cause it's about 1,500 out of the
freight push so you want that job

Yeah, I'm the best
Your potential is frightening
You want the job?
I'll take it
Pick up your pink probationary
coveralls from ammos and supply

See you keep them clean
Pink, huh?
They are pink
Mike, congratulations
John, Mike got himself a new job
Normally we'd have some kind
of blowout... for that

But I see from your pajamas
whom you're working for

Which is nothing to celebrate
John, not everyone
can be independent

Not everyone
can drive their own rig babe

John, I'm sorry
about your losing your job

It's my only shot
I'm out of money.
I'm out of credit

Somebody's gotta
get these pigs to Titan

You took a fearless
world of inventory, kid

And then you took my job?