Spy Hard

- Say you will
- Say that you will

Say that you love me
Say that you need me
Say that you want me

- You want to please me
- Come on now

Come on now
Come on now

I still remember when
I used to be nine years old

- Hey, yeah and I was a fool for you
- All right, random inspection.

- From the bottom of my soul
- Directive 21, Psalm 2.

Yeah, yeah
I want you to know

- I said I want you
to know right now Ew!

You been good to me sisters
Much better than I've been to myself
So good, so good
And if you ever leave me
I don't want nobody else

Hey, hey
I said I want you to know

I said I want you
to know right now

- Veronique?
- Dick.
- You all right?

- Get out of here. This
is a front for Rancor.

- Yes, I know.
I'll- I'll get out of here, all right.
But you're coming with me.

Stat! Code Yellow!
Code Yellow!

- Get me three CCs of epinephrinox!
- Right away.

- Get me two liters of gasohol
mixed with neonephicine!

- On my way.
- Get the electrostatifyer, now!
- I'll warm up the generator, sister.

She's about to go
into fibrolcanination!

- Prepare the operating room!
Yes, sister. I'll get right on it.

For God's sake, can anyone
in this hospital help me?

- Say it right now, baby
- Come on, come on.
- Say that you will.
- Now wait a minute
Oh. Mm-mm. No.
You know you make me
want to shout