Spy Hard

- Dick.
- You all right?

- Get out of here. This
is a front for Rancor.

- Yes, I know.
I'll- I'll get out of here, all right.
But you're coming with me.

Stat! Code Yellow!
Code Yellow!

- Get me three CCs of epinephrinox!
- Right away.

- Get me two liters of gasohol
mixed with neonephicine!

- On my way.
- Get the electrostatifyer, now!
- I'll warm up the generator, sister.

She's about to go
into fibrolcanination!

- Prepare the operating room!
Yes, sister. I'll get right on it.

For God's sake, can anyone
in this hospital help me?

- Say it right now, baby
- Come on, come on.
- Say that you will.
- Now wait a minute
Oh. Mm-mm. No.
You know you make me
want to shout

High blood pressure.
Here. You'll be safe here.
I'll be right back.

- Okay, the coast is clear.
Oh, Dick, it's so cold.
What have they done to you?
They'll pay for this.

Oh, Dick...
Move 'em, fat heads!
Sisters, make 'em holy!
Oh, Dick, you came for me.
Tell me, what's been happening?
Well, I've been doing
a lot of soul-searching,

getting in touch with my inner child.