Everybody has a name.
You reaIIy don't have one?
A pack of cigarettes costs 250 yen.
A pack a day, that's 7,500 yen
a month.

My oId man's a farmer.
He makes 400 yuan a month.

If a yuan is worth 1 2 yen
then that's 4800 yen.

He couIdn't even afford cigarettes.
I never manage to save much.
I never manage to save anything.
Saving money's so hard.
At this rate I'II never get home.
How many do you do in a night?
It's been reaIIy sIow IateIy.
Economy's bad, what can we do.
I'm getting cobwebs in my pussy.
I came up with this great game.
I bet my customers they can't Iast.
If they come under 1 0 minutes, I win.
If they Iast Ionger, they win.
1 0 minutes. Sounds easy, huh?

Of course they aIl think they can Iast.
If I win, I doubIe the price.

They win-they get a free trick.
If they come realIy quick- I tripIe it!

What do you think?
Great if they're quick-shooters.
I Iearned a trick from this
quack doctor.

There's a spot between their ass
and their baIIs.

Oh god, it works fucking great.
I brought you something.
You shouIdn't have.
It was given to me anyway.
Hang on, it's downstairs.
I wonder what it is?
Is it big?
What's your name?
Mine's GIico.
GIico. Weird name huh?
Do you know what GIico is?
It's a kind of candy.
Japanese businessmen grow up
sucking on GIico.