When We Were Kings

Yeah, I'm in Africa.
Yeah, Africa's my home.

Damn America and what America thinks.
I live in America, but Africa's
the home of the Black man.

I was a slave 400 years ago
and I'm going back home to fight
among my brothers! Yeah!

'For these two African-Americans
'to come home was
of great, great significance.

'Because of Hollywood and TV
'a lot of us
had been taught to hate Africa.'

Once, if you called a Black person
African they'd be ready to fight.

(Ali) 'When I get to Africa we'll get
it on because we don't get along!'

I'm gonna eat him up!
Too much speed for him!
Too fast! Too fast!

I'm gonna retire the
heavyweight champion of the world!

I'm gonna retire
the heavyweight champion!

September 25th
the world'll be stunned!

(Man) Tell 'em, Ali!
If you think the world was surprised
when Nixon resigned

wait till I kick Foreman's behind!