When We Were Kings

(Ali) 'When I get to Africa we'll get
it on because we don't get along!'

I'm gonna eat him up!
Too much speed for him!
Too fast! Too fast!

I'm gonna retire the
heavyweight champion of the world!

I'm gonna retire
the heavyweight champion!

September 25th
the world'll be stunned!

(Man) Tell 'em, Ali!
If you think the world was surprised
when Nixon resigned

wait till I kick Foreman's behind!
(Reporter) 'An 18-year-old amateur
champion with a charming smile

'took a physical examination
for his first professional fight.'

It won't be an easy fight
but my plan of attack
on a fighter like Alex Miteff

would be two fast left jabs,
a rapid right cross
and a left hook.

(Reporter) 'But in the Belgian Congo,
'freedom was followed
by rioting and an army mutiny.

'For months,
the political pattern kept changing

'until pro-Red
Premier Lumumba was seized

'by the forces
of strongman Colonel Mobutu.'

After watching Mike DeJohn
and Eddie Machen,

I would rate myself number two.
I'm out to break
Floyd Patterson's record

and this being my 20th birthday,
today, January 17th,