When We Were Kings

that leaves me exactly one year
to reach my goal.

People do say I'm cocky,
some say I need a good whuppin',

some say I talk too much,
but anything that I say,
I'm willing to back up.

The other night I predicted
that I would knock out Banks
in four rounds and I did.

I knocked out Don Warner
and I just annihilated
George Logan in four rounds.

(Reporter) 'Close your mouth
and keep it closed.'

- That's impossible.
- Keep it closed.

I'm the greatest
and I'm knocking out all bums.

And if you get too smart
I'll knock you out.

(Reporter) 'You'd take him on
before the fight?'

Beat him like I'm his daddy.
I saw Sonny Liston a few days ago.
Ain't he ugly?
I'm young, I'm handsome,
I'm fast, I'm pretty
and can't possibly be beat.

(Commentator) Cassius Clay
goes into the record book

with Corbett, Tunney and Braddock,
bringing off another great upset
in heavyweight history.

(Ali) It is befitting that I leave
the game just like I came in,

beating a big bad monster
who knocks out everybody

and no one can whup him.
When little Cassius Clay
stopped Sonny Liston,

the man who annihilated
Floyd Patterson twice.

He was gonna kill me!
But he hit harder than George.
His reach is longer,
he's a better boxer

and I'm better now than when you saw
that kid running from Sonny Liston.

I'm experienced now, professional.
Jaw's been broke, been knocked down
a couple of times, I'm bad!