When We Were Kings

Beat him like I'm his daddy.
I saw Sonny Liston a few days ago.
Ain't he ugly?
I'm young, I'm handsome,
I'm fast, I'm pretty
and can't possibly be beat.

(Commentator) Cassius Clay
goes into the record book

with Corbett, Tunney and Braddock,
bringing off another great upset
in heavyweight history.

(Ali) It is befitting that I leave
the game just like I came in,

beating a big bad monster
who knocks out everybody

and no one can whup him.
When little Cassius Clay
stopped Sonny Liston,

the man who annihilated
Floyd Patterson twice.

He was gonna kill me!
But he hit harder than George.
His reach is longer,
he's a better boxer

and I'm better now than when you saw
that kid running from Sonny Liston.

I'm experienced now, professional.
Jaw's been broke, been knocked down
a couple of times, I'm bad!

Been chopping trees,
I done something new.

- I wrestled with an alligator.
- (Laughter)

That's right,
I have wrestled with an alligator!

I tussled with a whale. I handcuffed
lightning, thrown thunder in jail!

That's bad!
Only last week I murdered a rock!

Injured a stone!
Hospitalised a brick!

- I'm so mean I make medicine sick!
- Bad dude!

Bad, fast!
Fast! Fast! Last night,
cut the light off in my bedroom,

hit the switch and was in the bed
before the room was dark!

- Incredible.
- Fast!

You, George Foreman, all you chumps
are gonna bow when I whup him!

All of you! I know you got him picked
but the man's in trouble!

I'm gonna show you how great I am!
I think Ali was scared.
I think he was scared even then.

He knew he was gonna be very scared
as he got closer to the fight.

You know the way George fights.
George comes out...
"I made him the mummy!"