When We Were Kings

- Beg your pardon?
- You would continue boxing

- even if you lose?
- I beg your pardon?

- (Laughter)
- You don't think about losing?

No. But thank you.
Nice talking to you.

(Ali) Flying over the Sahara desert.
An African airline with all African
stewardesses, all African pilots.

This is the first free feeling
I had in a long time.

Ain't this something, flying in
an airplane with Black pilots?

All Black crew? This is strange
to the American Negro.

We never dreamed of this!
Every time we watch TV they show us
Tarzan and the natives and jungles,

they never told us that Africans
were more intelligent than we are.

They speak English,
French and African.

We can't even speak English good.
(Speaking French)
Ain't this beautiful? I'm free!
(Man) Fantastic!
I'm free.
# Now, I want everybody
# To repeat after me
# If you don't know who you are
and where your place in life is

# Just say to yourself, I am!
# Somebody!
# I am!
# Somebody!
# I may be poor
# But I am somebody #
(Translator) 'It was a great joy
'to see that the championship
was going to happen in Africa.

'People were so happy.
'At last the world was
paying attention to our continent.

'Yes, we knew Muhammad Ali
as a boxer,

'but more importantly
for his political stance.