When We Were Kings

Ain't this beautiful? I'm free!
(Man) Fantastic!
I'm free.
# Now, I want everybody
# To repeat after me
# If you don't know who you are
and where your place in life is

# Just say to yourself, I am!
# Somebody!
# I am!
# Somebody!
# I may be poor
# But I am somebody #
(Translator) 'It was a great joy
'to see that the championship
was going to happen in Africa.

'People were so happy.
'At last the world was
paying attention to our continent.

'Yes, we knew Muhammad Ali
as a boxer,

'but more importantly
for his political stance.

'When we saw that America was at war
with a Third World country, Vietnam,

'and that one of the children
of the United States said

'"Me? You want me to go
and fight against the Viet Cong?"

'"Why should I fight against them?
They haven't hurt me."

'And for us, it was extraordinary to
see that in the America of that time

'someone could take such a position.
'He may have lost his title,
he may have lost millions of dollars

'but he gained
the esteem of millions of Africans.'

(Crowd chanting) Ali! Ali! Ali!
What is your population?
(Man translates into French)
- 22 million.
- 22 million?

- 22 million.
- How many George Foreman fans here?

- (Laughter)
- We don't know, we don't know.

- How many Muhammad Ali?
- So many we cannot count them.