When We Were Kings

# Turn it back #
(Price) 'Black acts in America
have not learned

'that once their record
is off the charts they're finished.'

I heard a speech by Jesse Jackson,
saying we must recognise

that we're only useful
as long as we're necessary.

So they don't realise that your
strength comes from your community.

(Price) And you have to deal
from your strength.

In dealing from your strength
you got somebody

so if somebody
wants to hurt James Brown,

somebody gonna raise a voice
and say "why?"

You got soldiers,
somebody that's concerned.

But as an individual, no matter
how big you get, you still a nigger.

You don't care how much money
you get. You are still a nigger.

When you become unnecessary.
# Listen
# Extend your love
# Can I get a drum?
# Can I get a little taste? #
Do unto others as you would have them
to do unto you.

Would you ask somebody to lynch you
and tell you where to go and how
to look, then refuse to pay you?

Would you ask somebody
to take advantage of your woman

and you can't even speak to his?
Would you like to pay taxes for
something that you never received?

Do unto others as you would have
somebody do unto you.

And I don't have to use
the word "FM" backwards.

We left Africa in shackles,
fetters and chains.

We're coming back
in an aura of splendour and glory.

The champions are here, champions of
the sports world and the music world,

so put 'em together and we got
one champion that's so intermingled

that we're fused into one entity.
The brother said something there!

Don King put this together.
It was not a colour put it together,
you understand?