When We Were Kings

Do unto others as you would have them
to do unto you.

Would you ask somebody to lynch you
and tell you where to go and how
to look, then refuse to pay you?

Would you ask somebody
to take advantage of your woman

and you can't even speak to his?
Would you like to pay taxes for
something that you never received?

Do unto others as you would have
somebody do unto you.

And I don't have to use
the word "FM" backwards.

We left Africa in shackles,
fetters and chains.

We're coming back
in an aura of splendour and glory.

The champions are here, champions of
the sports world and the music world,

so put 'em together and we got
one champion that's so intermingled

that we're fused into one entity.
The brother said something there!

Don King put this together.
It was not a colour put it together,
you understand?

I'd like to call him the Messiah.
(Mailer) 'This fight
came into existence

'because of Don King's
desire to break out of the pack.

'He was either going to become an
enormously prominent man, at least,

'or go back to obscurity again
if it failed.'

Oh, I'm so happy
to see you, my brothers.

This is the Minister of Finance
of Zaire.

Yes, I have met
the Minister of Finance. How are you?

I appreciate your talent
and expertise.

This is what it's all about.
I welcome you with love.

We must deal with it as such,
but with love, not with hostility.

You know, just but with love.
Bravo, Mr King!
My brother!
(Mailer) 'King had
this huge air of welcome.

'Rarely has anyone ever been welcomed
the way King could do it.'

'A joy came off him.'
I knew his reputation,
how he'd been in jail,

how he was thoroughly untrustworthy
but nonetheless
he made you feel good.