When We Were Kings

Sucker, you wasn't nothing!
Even they understand English.
(Bowens' translator)
'We were all for Muhammad Ali.

'Foreman? We didn't know him.
'Foreman said "Why?
'"I'm black,
blacker than Muhammad Ali.

'"Why all this bias?"
'Yes, Muhammad Ali, he was lighter,
'but he was a real person,
he was genuine.

'Muhammad Ali could have been
even lighter-skinned

'but for us
he was defending the good cause,

'for Africans and the whole world.'
Watch this, seven punches.
I'm gonna fight for the prestige,
not for me
but to uplift my little brothers

who are sleeping
on concrete floors today in America.

Black people living on welfare,
who can't eat,

Black people who don't know no
knowledge of themselves or no future.

I wanna win my title and walk down
the alleys with the wine-heads,

walk with the dope addicts,
the prostitutes.

I could help people, show 'em films,
take this documentary,

and help uplift my people
in Louisville, Kentucky;

Indianapolis, Indiana;
Cincinnati, Ohio;

go through Tennessee, Florida
and Mississippi

and show Black Africans who didn't
know this was their country,

"You look like your brothers
in Alabama, in Georgia.

"They never knew you was over here."
God is blessing me
and it was an accident

to help get to all these people
and show them films I haven't seen!
I'm well and I haven't seem them!

Now I can get all these films, you
governments can let me take pictures

and I can take
all this back to America!

But - it's good to be a winner,
all I've got to do is whup Foreman.

I realise how unfortunate
and uncomfortable it is

for you guys to have travelled so far
and expecting so much