When We Were Kings

walk with the dope addicts,
the prostitutes.

I could help people, show 'em films,
take this documentary,

and help uplift my people
in Louisville, Kentucky;

Indianapolis, Indiana;
Cincinnati, Ohio;

go through Tennessee, Florida
and Mississippi

and show Black Africans who didn't
know this was their country,

"You look like your brothers
in Alabama, in Georgia.

"They never knew you was over here."
God is blessing me
and it was an accident

to help get to all these people
and show them films I haven't seen!
I'm well and I haven't seem them!

Now I can get all these films, you
governments can let me take pictures

and I can take
all this back to America!

But - it's good to be a winner,
all I've got to do is whup Foreman.

I realise how unfortunate
and uncomfortable it is

for you guys to have travelled so far
and expecting so much
and getting so little.
(Mailer) 'George Foreman
was a phenomenon.

'He was almost like a physical guru.
'He almost never spoke
but it was always arresting.

'You never quite knew what he meant,
it might be deep or non-responsive.

'He was Negritude.
He was this huge Black force.'

Because of this I had expected
Muhammad Ali to be here today.

I was gonna hit him in his mouth
to give you some entertainment.

Now when I go in the ring,
you see what kind of mind I got now?

Oh! Oh!
I just got to pound him.
I'm not gonna even realise...
I might look at his face
and say, "How'd I do that?"

Allah, God, I'm his tool. God got
in me on purpose for my people.

God has made this man
look like a little kid.

His so-called right hand ain't
nothing now, I don't even feel 'em!

I walk right in and take my shots
because I have God in my mind.

I'm thinking of my people being free
and I can help with just one fight.