Anna Karenina

He's dead.
It is a bad omen.
Nonsense. You've come.
That is the chief thing.
You cannot imagine how much
I'm counting on you.

Stiva, I know you're to blame.
Don't deny it.

9 years... my children...
all to be thrown away
because of a...

momentary lapse.
True. lt was not nice
that she was the
children's governess.

What can I do?
Drop me at your house and
go back to the court.

ls this Grisha?
How he's grown!
How happy and well
you look.

He told me.
He met me at
the station.

Grisha, go and find Tanya.
of course she's young,
and she's pretty.
My youth and looks are gone,
taken by him and
his children.

I hate him.
I don't want to speak up
for him,

but what is the best thing to do
in this dreadful situation, Dolly?

Stiva is ashamed.
But he made love to her.
I don't excuse him, but...
that's how it is.