Do you hear me?
The lady has a baby.

Come on. Get up.
Unbelievable! The youth of today!
l had to tell her
to get up twice.

Yet she didn't do it willingly.
Make yourself comfortable.
Thank you.
l can keep your bag.
Thank you, l'm OK.
What a life, these days!
l go through hell everyday.
Me and my husband
sold all we had,

to come and live near our son.
l should've died too,
when my husband passed away
a few years ago.

You shouldn't say that.
l got over his loss,
but this is no life!

lt was a long-distance wedding.
Yes, you told me already.
They spent a lot on the ceremony
and had put the groom's photo
on show.

The guy had studied engineering
and was running a company
in the USA.

So the girl
was to join him there

a week after the wedding.
But what happened to her there
still brings tears to my eyes.

She'd been told a pack of lies.
Nothing was the way she expected.
The guy was much older
than she thought.

He already had 2 kids.
How awful!
So the bride was
in a real state of shock.

This long-distance wedding
was a disaster for her.

Plus, she has his name
in her passport now.

my two children look after me.

But they said they'd send me
to an old people's home.