lt was a long-distance wedding.
Yes, you told me already.
They spent a lot on the ceremony
and had put the groom's photo
on show.

The guy had studied engineering
and was running a company
in the USA.

So the girl
was to join him there

a week after the wedding.
But what happened to her there
still brings tears to my eyes.

She'd been told a pack of lies.
Nothing was the way she expected.
The guy was much older
than she thought.

He already had 2 kids.
How awful!
So the bride was
in a real state of shock.

This long-distance wedding
was a disaster for her.

Plus, she has his name
in her passport now.

my two children look after me.

But they said they'd send me
to an old people's home.

Look at me.
Do l look like
l need to go to one?

l come from a respectable family.
Can you imagine me
in one of those places?

Things aren't like that.
Yes, they are.
They didn't behave
like this before.

They've changed.
You shouldn't let them
treat you like that.

They never agree with us!
l don't like the way
they handle things.

Can you believe it?
They make us go do the shopping
by bus.

lt's too much.
Even if one's not very rich.

lt's no way to shop
for a wedding.