and l'll take the bus
to my daughter's town.

Get this card punched
and clean up.

l'll be right back.
Why didn't you get off?
Who was with this little girl?

Nader! Come over here.
What are you doing?
This isn't my stop.
Where is then?
The terminus.
But this is the terminus.
Don't you see?

But my stop isn't like this.
How is it then?
There are metal bars shaped
like a heart

with a fountain in the middle.
There are lots of trees
and no statue.

Sure you've taken the right bus?
l sat in the same seat
with my mom, this morning.

You almost had an accident.
You suddenly broke
and everybody fell down.

Then you got mad
at the other driver.

Didn't you hear
what that guy told me?

That's why l got mad!
Don't cry now.
Why did you take the bus alone?
My mom always comes to
pick me up,