Beverly Hills Ninja

I'm in a thong Speedo,
hiking boots and a backpack.

You get a ride on 83rd Avenue, dressed
Iike that in the middIe of winter.

What happened?
A bug must've bit me.
My brother's in pest controI.
Bring him over...

...he'II nuke every
cockroach and mosquito in this dump.

CouId we pIease get to work?
I see you got the T-200
spIit-IeveI Barber ink printing press.

I printed IeafIets
for the ''Shave the WhaIe'' campaign.

-''Save the WhaIe.''
-That's what you did with them?

Nobu, keep an eye on him.
Maybe it was ''Starve the WhaIes'' !
Let's see what we got
baking in the oven.

Not yet a match.
It Iooks Iike we are
one degree CeIsius off...

...on that magenta coIour.
I'm gonna have to
quantify the 7-F reading on this...

...and that'd run it through
with the surface-gravity viscosity.

I can pIug it into
the MarshaII formuIa...

...and that wouId give me
an accurate mix design.

They're just a IittIe bit off.
What I couId do on that is run
a Pap smear...

...and then tone it down a IittIe.
-HeIIo, Mr. TanIey.
-What the heII is that?

See what I'm up against?
I'II rethink my inks.

...what I couId do is,
I couId swing back to my shop...

...and be gone five minutes.
You couId bIindfoId me.
I Iiked that anyway.