Breaking Up

- So how have you been?
- I've been great, yeah. No, terrific.

It was funny seeing you like that.
And in that restaurant.
- We were looking for a place to eat...
- Us too.

Then, I don't know, there we were.
Yeah, turned around,
and there you were.

- She was cute.
- What?

- What's her name? Muffy.
- Right, she's a friend.

- She seemed really nice.
- Yeah.

- So is it serious?
- Well, kind of, you know...

- None of my business, I'm just curious.
- Off and on, on and off, you know?

And other women, like, you know, yeah.
- I've been enjoying myself, you know?
- Anyway, it was nice seeing you.

Who, me? Him?
No. No, not serious.
Well, actually...
...I don't know.
- What?

He goes to the gym a lot.
It shows, doesn't it?

Three times a week,
and aerobics every day in between.

Are you joking? This guy
has a separate suitcase for them.

Minerals, amino acids,
antioxidants, you name it.

When we started going out,
I thought he was on drugs.

He kept popping these things
into his mouth.

Turns out it was bran.
Yeah, you heard right, bran.

There's no part of him that somebody
doesn't do something to once a day.

He has this schedule.
So even if he wanted to work...

- ... he doesn't have time.
- Really?