Breaking Up

I'm sorry you're going.
- I love you.
- Did I give you the keys?

I left the number where I'll be
until I get an apartment.

What else?
I don't know.
My mother's sending back
the wedding gifts.

I told her whatever it cost,
we'll split it. The catering, the food.

Okay, sure. I'll call her.
- I wouldn't call her if I were you.
- Why not?

Okay, call her. Just don't be
surprised if she isn't very nice.

She thinks it's your fault.
- Why would she think that?
- Because that's what I told her.

- I couldn't tell her the truth.
- Why not?

Because I don't know
what the truth is.

- She's disappointed?
- Putting it mildly.

She was already
counting grandchildren.

I'm sorry.
- Don't keep saying that, please.
- But I am.

Yeah, so am I.
I'm sorry I ever laid eyes on you.

I'm sorry you exist.
I have a long list of sorries.

But I won't get into them now,
because none of them really matter...

...except for one major, stupid,
unbelievable mistake...

...and that is
that I gave up my apartment...

:57:43 come and live with you.
For that, I am truly, truly sorry.

- Look, you could just stay here.
- Sure.

You could.
Sure, I could.
- But where would you stay?
- Here. Come on, we're both adults.