Double Team

- Moishe Levant, died in Lebanon.
- Beirut.

- Everybody . . . all ex-agents.
- Or ex-enemies.

We're too valuable to kill
and too dangerous to set free.

Welcome to the Colony.
- Quinn.
- Staal.

l understand.
This violence is not approved.
- l killed him in Tuzla.
- Apparently not well enough.

l really dislike that man.
You must wear this at all times.
lt's part pager, part timer.

lt tells you where to be.
When it signals, you must respond.

We're a think-tank. We're linked
to every law enforcement database.

We analyse terrorist incidents
and advise our client governments.

We're the last line of defence
against global terrorism, -

- and no one knows we exist.
What's on the menu for today?

A Global Air 747 en route
from San Francisco to Seoul.

We are interpreting signals
from the crash site.