Double Team

l really dislike that man.
You must wear this at all times.
lt's part pager, part timer.

lt tells you where to be.
When it signals, you must respond.

We're a think-tank. We're linked
to every law enforcement database.

We analyse terrorist incidents
and advise our client governments.

We're the last line of defence
against global terrorism, -

- and no one knows we exist.
What's on the menu for today?

A Global Air 747 en route
from San Francisco to Seoul.

We are interpreting signals
from the crash site.

Headset on.
Hand on the scanner at all times.

We have a feed coming in
from Washington.

l have a statement from the
Secretary on the Global Air tragedy.

Of the 1 76 passengers on board,
there are no survivors.

The ClA reports that the plane was
deliberately downed by North Korea.

The Secretary will brief you later
regarding the U. S. response.

The Koreans deny responsibility, and
the President consults his allies.