Double Team

Jack, your worth is in your ability
to analyse data in times of crisis.

This is the Colony's
reason to exist.

The plane exploded from
internal malfunction. lt's gone.

We've intercepted the transmission
of Global 277's voice recorder.

We've got unscheduled traffic
at heading 329 ...

lt's not a pleasant prospect,
the Koreans having that technology.

Anyone with an alternative?

Analysis confirms the report.
Moishe, do you buy it?

l'm not sure.
He's lying.
He's covering something up.

- They know something about it.
- Let's examine the images.

- Hold it.
- lt's a shadow.

- Bingo. An AWACS.
- No, an F-4 Weasel.

- lnclude it in the simulation.
- lt could've been hidden.

The Koreans pick up the F-4 on radar
but shoot down the passenger jet.

The U .S. used the jumbo as cover
for data recon on a weapons test.

They were set up so the Americans
could eavesdrop on a military base.

Nice call, Jack.