Double Team

Underwater lasers.
One metre below the surface.
They destroy anything they contact.

lf they don't get you,
the undertow will.

- No one ever escaped?
- No one.

A certain Bryce was the last to try.
Before the lasers were installed.

Poor fellow didn't survive 48 hours.
His ''guardian'' took care of him.

Each resident has a guardian,
without knowing who it is.

The guardian observes the resident's
attitude, behaviour and production.

lf the resident escapes,
the guardian terminates him.

- How have you hidden this place?
- A masking device. We're invisible.

- Hello, Kathryn?
- Hello?

- l hope l'm not disturbing you.
- No . . .

This is Maria Trifioli
from the Galleria Luna in Rome.

We'd like to arrange an exhibition
of your sculptures. Surprised?