Double Team

lf they can make it, l can steal it.
We'll blend in, in this.

So that's why you're dressed
like a carrot with earrings.

Damn bicycles.
Get out of the way!

l have them. They're on
the autostrada to Rome.

That checks with our information.
Quin's wife is at the Regina.

Splendid !
We've got a game going.

- Anything for Jack Quinn?
- Si, signore. Right here.

This was waiting for you, Quinn.
lt's not a bomb.
Maybe it's the access codes.

- l'd love to get paid.
- Those accounts are fronts. Empty.

That figures. Why are you lying?
l bet the Colony doesn't even exist!

- lt's not about the Colony.
- What the hell is this?

A sonogram of my son.
Stavros has my boy.

You go back to Antwerp.
l'll get your money. l pay my debts.