Double Team

- Anything for Jack Quinn?
- Si, signore. Right here.

This was waiting for you, Quinn.
lt's not a bomb.
Maybe it's the access codes.

- l'd love to get paid.
- Those accounts are fronts. Empty.

That figures. Why are you lying?
l bet the Colony doesn't even exist!

- lt's not about the Colony.
- What the hell is this?

A sonogram of my son.
Stavros has my boy.

You go back to Antwerp.
l'll get your money. l pay my debts.

Quinn. Keep your money.
- Why didn't you tell me before?
- What for? You always play defence.

lt's time to get off the bench.
The best defence is offence, right?

lf we play by Stavros' rules,
my wife and son are dead.

lf you send that e-mail, it'll be
intercepted by all the agencies.

- What's the plan?
- None. But Stavros doesn't know.

So he'll do what he thinks l would
do, and lead us right to Kathryn.