Fools Rush In

The only wife around is my ex.
And I am not in.

Ask her if I can call her back.
Get her phone number!

You married her?
The one with the body?

You're married?
Alex, does my life
mean nothing to you?

-It'll be okay.
-No, it won't!

-Who says it will?
-You gamble either way!

You're pissed I won on the first pull
instead of putting quarters...

:38:32 the wrong machine
for 5 years!

Those were silver dollars. And that
slot machine now owns my house.

-She says it's urgent.
-It's urgent. The nightmare begins.

I can't believe it.
What were you thinking?

It's out of character
for you.

Why marry her... unless
you knocked her up?

-You knocked her up?
-That had nothing to do with it.

Not to burst your bubble,
but do you know this baby's yours?

-Did you do a blood test?
-She's my wife. It's not like that.

-You don't know her.
-Neither do you!

I welcome you in my home
and this is how you repay me?!

Stealing my only daughter?!
Getting married in that joke
of a chapel!

Without a priest?!
Without her family?
Without my consent?

You are not a man.
You are a thief, that's what you are!