Pardon me, my good sir.
I'll have to ask you...
to release that young...
- Keep movin', junior.
- Lady.

But you... aren't you
a damsel in distress?

I'm a damsel.
I'm in distress.

I can handle this.
Have a nice day.

Ma'am, I'm afraid you may be...
too close to the situation
to realize...

What are you doin'?
Get your sword!

Sword. Right.
Rule #15: A hero is only
as good as his weapon!

Hold it! Hold on!
He's gotta do it on his own.

Come on, kid! Concentrate!
Use your head!
All right! Not bad, kid!
Not exactly what I had in mind,
but not bad.

Gee, miss.
I'm really sorry.

That was dumb.
Excuse me.
Nice work! Excelente!
Is Wonderboy here for real?
What are you talkin' about?
Of course he's real.

And by the way, sweet cheeks,
I'm real too.