I Know What You Did Last Summer

And they all originate from
some sort of real-life incident.

By that time I'll be finishing my
two-year deal on "Guiding Light", -

- coinciding with your first year
as quarterback for the Steelers.

Then we can elope to Europe
or the Caymans, -

- where I'll let you impregnate me
with the first of three children. -

- before you head off to rehab.
Then we can live happily...
blah. Blah. Blah.

Ray? Where did you go?
I'm gonna hook you!
- Do you really believe that crap?
- It's true.

The hook is really a phallic symbol.
Ultimately castrated.

I'm gonna miss you.
You can always ditch Boston
and come to New York with me.

We can't all sit in coffee-houses
and ramble on our laptops.

- Nobody gets me the way you do.
- I understand your pain.

I hate this.
You're gonna fall for a head-shaven,
body-piercing philosophy student.

- That sounds attractive.
- I'll never see you again.

High-school relationships are more
successful than any other kind.

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