I Know What You Did Last Summer

He was a really nice guy.
He was cute and smart and...

We were sweet on each other for
a minute or so. But it didn't work.

He never said it. But I think
it hurt him to be around me.

- Where is this old friend now?
- Oh. I don't know.

- Do you remember his name?
- Billy.

- Did he have a last name?
- Blue. Billy Blue.

- We should wait back at the car.
- Don't be ridiculous. Stay.

- I don't want to miss Triple-A.
- We appreciate the phone.

Any time. I don't get
too many knocks on my door nowadays.

- Are you okay?
- I wigged out. I'm sorry.

Being in his house
and seeing his sister...

- God, do you see what we've done?
- It was an accident.

We killed a man. Then ruined
the lives of everyone he knew.

We're not that powerful.
You're giving us too much credit.

- You forgot your cigarettes.
- Thank you.

- I see you got the car started.
- Yeah, it started right up.

Funny how that happens.
- So what now?
- Now we try and find Billy Blue.