I Know What You Did Last Summer

- God, do you see what we've done?
- It was an accident.

We killed a man. Then ruined
the lives of everyone he knew.

We're not that powerful.
You're giving us too much credit.

- You forgot your cigarettes.
- Thank you.

- I see you got the car started.
- Yeah, it started right up.

Funny how that happens.
- So what now?
- Now we try and find Billy Blue.

Maybe he wanted to die.
- What?
- David Egan.

His girlfriend died on the same
road, July 4th, one year earlier.

Maybe he was sitting in the road,
waiting for us to hit him.

Yeah, if that will help you
sleep at night.

What happened between us?
We used to be best friends.

We used to be a lot of things.
I miss you.