Julian Po

Uh... I'm in some town now.
I don't know what it's called
or where I am.

Checked into a hotel,
room seven.

Hmm. The bed squeaks.
Julian P-O. Jesus, what the hell
kind of name is that?

Hell if I know, Mayor.
Don't look like no tourist.

Could be a salesman
of some kind.

Could be some kind
of drug dealer.

Let's have a look at his car,
run a trace on the plates.

No car. He walked into town.
Walked? Nearest town
is forty miles.

You want me
to kick him out, Henry?

Better keep him here
awhile longer, Vern...

till we find out who he is.
Let me know if he does
anything funny.

You keep an eye on him, Leon.
Name could be an alias...
and I got a bad feeling
about that boy.

I'll stick to him like mud.
He could be a terrorist,
you know.

I wonder if he's up there
making bombs or something.

All my life,
I wanted to see the ocean.

Just can't imagine
what it's like to look out...

and see all the way
to the horizon.

Probably makes a man
want to live forever...

to see something like that.
Make me feel small...
but I've never been.
Wasn't like
I didn't have the time.

There was always time...
but I always had little details
to work out first...

errands to run...
bathroom scale's broken,
always something.

This time,
I'm going through with it.

I could have been there by now,
with a little luck.