Julian Po

Oh, you don't have to be
polite to me, Mr. Po.

I'm a big girl.
Forgive my bad manners.
I'm Lilah Leach.

I believe we've met.
Leach is my husband's name...
and if you call me Mrs. Leach,
I'll strangle you.

You won't have
to kill yourself. Ha!

Call me Lilah.
May I call you...
Uh, Julian.
Julian, Julian, Julian.

What a lovely name.
Well... here we are.
I don't know why, honey.
He just said he was.

And Lilah said he said
it wasn't a woman...

or money and he wasn't
dying of nothing.

Well, then why the hell
did he want to kill himself?

I don't know.
I'll get your food
right now, sweetie.

Stay there.
Oh, jeez.
Hello? Hello? Would you
please call the police?

Someone's stolen
all my clothes.

No. Lucy went
to get them cleaned.

She'll be back before long.
I didn't ask you to do that.
Well, I tried to tell her.
I said, "Look, he ain't gonna
have a chance to wear them.

"Why don't you just
wait till after...

"clean up the whole
damn mess all at once?"