Julian Po

Good morning, Mr. Po.
I brought you some muffins.
Oh, thank you.
Would you like one?
Oh, no, thank you.
I already ate.

But you go right ahead.
Mmm. It's delicious.
Oh, do you like it?
It's my special recipe.

I always wanted to be a baker.
Well, you should be.
Why aren't you?

I was going to start a bakery
out of my kitchen once...

but Leon wouldn't let me.
He's sort of old-fashioned.

He said he loved
my cooking so much...

he couldn't stand
to share it with anybody.

Oh, but why am I
talking about this?

Your time is too short
to be worried about my problems.

Everyone's time is short.
Yours, too.

It's an illusion
that we have forever to live.

My God.
That is so true.
We always wait too long to do
the things we want to do...

and then, before you know it,
it's too late.

You are so right.
Uh, she, uh, brought me
those for breakfast.

That's why she was here.
I liked your breakfast, too.
It was delicious.

Very good, tasty.
I'm gonna go out now.
See you.
Ahem. Bye.