Julian Po

There you go.
Is this yours?
Thank you, Mr. Po.
It's nice to see you today.
It's not the way I'd do it.
Beg your pardon?
It's just not the way I'd want
the loved ones to remember me.

That last glimpse before
they close the lid.

It sets a memory for life.
Step right this way
into my office, Mr. Po.

We'll have you
fixed up in a jiffy.

Well, I was...
No, right this way.
Thank you, Mary.

Step right here, sir. Ha ha.
People in your position...
often don't think
about a haircut, Mr. Po...

until it's too late.
I've seen it a million times.
The last haircut
of your earthly existence...

done by the undertaker.
Is he a trained
hair-care professional, Mr. Po?

I ask you. He is not.
And that's why it's important
to think of this before.

When you leave here, you'll be
so darn-well groomed...

you may not even want to die.
You think an undertaker
could do that?

Oh, on the house, Mr. Po.
Come back soon
if your plans should include...

a somewhat longer stay
than you'd intended.

I'm always here. Ha ha.
- Thank you.
- Pleasure.

Mr. Po. We haven't met.
I'm Tom Potter.

I'm so glad you stopped by.
Come in. I, uh...
I have just the thing.

No, no. I'm not shopping.
I was just, uh...

Please. Indulge me.
Cuff the pants...
and we're in business.
Well, it's very nice, but, uh,
I don't need a new suit.

I already have one.
A man in your situation
should have two suits.