Julian Po

It's very expensive.
I can't afford it.

Why would you give me a gift?
We just met.

You're not
an ordinary man, Mr. Po.

You have ideals.
You have willpower.

I'm just a little man.
I'll never take life
by the throat...

and say, "You give me
this, or else... "

But you did.
I want you to wear
my suit, Mr. Po.

I want to be part
of your adventure.

There's something
happening to me...

that has never happened before.
An event...
an event is happening to me...
of some kind.
I don't want to sound
too optimistic.

There's a kindness here.
Excuse me, miss.
I need my room right now,
if you could just...

Listen. I can get the rest...
Sorry. I didn't mean
to frighten you.

You didn't hear me?
You can't hear or speak?
God, I had no idea.
Are you all right?
I mean, do you feel all right?
Are you well?
How do you understand what
I'm saying if you can't hear me?

You can read lips.
My God, it's like a novel.
Never saw anything like this.
Well, my name's Julian.
What's yours?